Personality & the Enneagram

Your personality is the way in which your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, or rather, your thinking, feeling, and doing, shape you and your interactions with others on a daily basis.

In other words, your personality is the characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and doing that makes you unique. These three traits, also known as psychological centers of functioning, show up over and over again in writings about personality and they are central to understanding the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is an ancient tool for understanding your personality, particularly what your personality means in light of who God has created you to be. Enneagram teaching highlights 9 personality types, or ways of functioning in the world. There are several ways of teaching and understanding the 9 numbers based on the three centers: thinking, feeling, and doing, or also known as head, heart, and body.  Stances are determined by the extent to which each of us struggles most with our capacity for one of these three centers.

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“Balancing heart, head, and body is a lifelong journey, and it is the only way to discover your soul potential.” – K. Hurley & T. Donson


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