Thinking about my book…

After years of teaching, consulting and writing a few articles, I began to think about a book focused the field where I have dedicated my own career, educational leadership. As a dean, I understand the challenges and opportunities of higher education and in being married to a first grade teacher, I get to see the similarities and differences across schools and learning environments. Throughout educational settings, teachers and administrators know that who they are matters. And, knowing who you are is a matter of self-awareness.

There are many resources for fostering self-awareness, but the most significant tool I have experienced is the Enneagram. My hope is that this book provides some of my own experiences, some insights into why the Enneagram matters, and practical tools to help you learn to see and understand ourselves more fully.

At the core of my book is an invitation to explore the intersection of the three dimensions of personality and how they ‘stack’ in your personality. Envisioning feeling, thinking, and doing as primary colors, and understanding that balance in the colors is ideal, can you see the ways these colors are out of balance in your personality?

More soon with some book content and a little bit more about the writing process.

Look for Leadership by the Number: Using the Enneagram to Strengthen Educational Leadership in spring 2023.

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