Leadership By The Number

Harness the power of ancient Enneagram philosophy to maximize your educational leadership impact

In Leadership by the Number: Using the Enneagram to Strengthen Educational Leadership, distinguished academic and leadership coach Dr. Jon Singletary walks you through how to use the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram of Personality with modern contemplative practices to transform how you lead your department, school, college, or university. You’ll learn to effectively balance the conflicting demands of your role with greater patience, skill, and peace-of-mind by changing how you think, act, and feel every day.

In the book, the author provides:

  • Explanations of the benefits of self-aware leadership, including the identification of competing forces and understanding stakeholders’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Insights into the critical role of self- awareness in educational leadership
  • Concrete strategies for strengthening university, college, unit, and departmental leadership

A can’t-miss resource for higher education administrators and other school leaders, Leadership by the Number also belongs in the hands of students of education and leaders-in-training who wish to maximize the impact they can have on the institutions they’ll one day lead.

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