Upcoming Events:

Enneagram Basics                    July 11               Baylor University

Enneagram Couples Retreat   July 20               Waco, TX

Enneagram Basics                    August 8            Baylor University

Enneagram:  Nine Paths to Liberation for Self and Society    September 20                                                                                                                                               Alliance of Baptists Retreat


Past Events:

Enneagram and Relationships Retreat    May 31-Jun 1      The Venue @1125

Enneagram Overview         May 22            UMHB Leadership Retreat

Enneagram and Relationships Retreat    February 26-27      John’s Creek Baptist Church

Enneagram and Stances    December 12-14        Indiana Wesleyan University

Enneagram Basics               January 12                Woodland BC,  San Antonio, TX

Enneagram & Leadership  October                      Start Up Waco

Enneagram Basics               September 29     Peace of Christ Church Round Rock, TX

Enneagram & Leadership  September 25   Leadership Plenty, Waco

Enneagram Basics               August 9       Baylor BEAR Project Training,  Waco, TX

Enneagram Staff Workshop August 27   Johns Creek Baptist Church, Alpharetta, GA

Enneagram Group               Thursdays this fall       Baylor University

Enneagram Group               Wednesdays this fall    Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, TX

Enneagram and Parenting    September 9       First Baptist Church,  Austin, TX

Enneagram and Stances        September 29     Peace of Christ Church, Roundrock, TX

Enneagram Basics         July 16-18     Hole in the Roof,  Waco, TX

Congregational Staff Consulting   June 21     Peace of Christ Church,  Waco, TX

Enneagram Covenant Group         Jan-May     Truett Seminary, Baylor University

Enneagram Staff Consulting          April 19    Camp Gladiator Fitness, Austin, TX

Heart, Head, and Hand in the Church   February 26-28   CBF ChurchWorks,  San Antonio

Enneagram Leadership Consulting        December 6-8    ReFit, Waco

Stances Couples Retreat       September 7-9   Harris Creek Baptist Church Lifegroup,  Waco