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Enneagram: Nine Paths to Liberation for Self and Society – this one-time retreat for pastors in the Alliance of Baptists focused on social implications that come with an awareness of one’s personality.

Enneagram and Relationships Retreat – A regular workshop that Jon and Wendi Singletary offer focused on marriage, parenting, and other interpersonal relationships that can be strengthened with Enneagram knowledge and insights.  This workshop has been offered for the community at large and in congregational settings.

Enneagram & Leadership – A brief, interactive workshop that Jon has led in primary, secondary, and higher education settings focused on introducing the Enneagram and stancework as a leadership development resource.  How can developing your repressed thinking, feeling, or doing center improve your leadership?

Enneagram Basics – An introductory workshop offered in 1-4 hour formats to help participants begin to understand what the Enneagram can mean for them.

Enneagram and Stances – A regular workshop offered as the core teaching content of Jon Singletary’s approach to the Enneagram.  These 2-3 hour workshops provide practical insights for how the Enneagram can foster change in your life and in relationships.

Congregational Staff Consulting – Jon regularly meets with church staff teams to think through the role of the Enneagram in their context.  How do leaders need to develop thinking, feeling, or doing to bring balance to their ministry and in the life of their congregation?

Enneagram Leadership Consulting –  Jon provides consulting to organizational staff using the Enneagram as a tool for leadership. 

Heart, Head, and Hand in the Church This event offered for church staff associated with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship included Enneagram implications for leadership.   

You can schedule one- or two-day workshops that help your community learn which of the nine types best describes their personalities or an advanced workshop on stances that includes some faith-based practices rooted in Christian spirituality for helping overcome the challenges you face in your personality (we all have them! do you know yours?). Advanced workshops that Jon offers can also focus on Enneagram leadership development, relationships, marriage, and parenting.