Jon Singletary’s approach provides an overview of the Enneagram, with a focus on the stances.  Your stance is one of three your personality goes about: repressing feelings and being aggressive, repressing thinking and being dependent, or repressing doing and being withdrawn. Do you know which is true for your personality?  Do you know how this trait keeps you off balance in relationships and your personal life?

Organizational Development and Leadership Consulting

As an MSW with a focus on communities and organizations and a minister, specifically with years of Enneagram training, Jon brings spiritually-sensitive practice skills to your organization and leadership team.  He offers individual and group consultation on the value of the Enneagram for you and your staff, teaching through the nine numbers as well as the stances and what they mean for your relationships and the work you do together.

Spiritual Reflection Retreat

Individual, group, or couples retreats provide practical tools to learn your number and to understand your stance.  Knowing your Enneagram stance helps you allow your repressed center to function more meaningfully in your life. Learn to discern which of the three stances most reflects your personal journey and how your stance shapes your personal relationships.

Day Workshops

Invite Jon to lead a workshop on Enneagram Basics, helping your community learn which of the nine types best describes their personality, or an advanced workshop on stances that includes some faith-based practices rooted in Christian spirituality for helping overcome the challenges you face in your personality (we all have them! do you know yours?)

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