Enneagram Stances is a site dedicated to the work of Jon Singletary, author and speaker, social worker and minister, professor and dean. Through his teaching, consulting, and research, Jon’s goal is to help you experience the internal journey of self-awareness that is central to the change we desire as leaders. The Enneagram is an essential tool to guide us in this work.

The Enneagram teaches nine ways we see and engage the world around us, oftentimes without our even knowing it. We each respond to everyday situations based on habitual patterns, primarily our approach to thinking, feeling, and doing. Stances refer to the ways we fail to balance the dimensions of feeling, thinking, and doing and the ways that one of these always seems to fail us.

Do you know how these three dimensions function in your life? Do you struggle most with, or tend to most neglect, your capacity for feeling, thinking, or doing? Do you want to know more?

Keep reading and let’s talk about the Enneagram and your personality.

Jon’s forthcoming book is Leadership by the Number: Using the Enneagram to Strengthen Educational LeadershipLook for it in early spring 2023.

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Leadership by the Number